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Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 00.10.44Up next: New video interview with London-based Uninvisibility founder, Jane Evans. We talk about the ‘new normal’, the ‘old normal’ and whether the twain shall ever meet.


SuperMarketLove. Open 24/7.

The future is changing and the way business is done will change too.

Since the day we opened back in 2015, we have achieved much of our success operating remotely, 24/7, across multiple time zones. To guide clients to meet their marketing challenges, we have always used robust communication methods and multiple formats including:

  • Phone calls, text messaging, email
  • Project management tools such as Google docs and Wipster 
  • Video chat formats including Skype, Zoom and Whereby
  • Plus of course, in person meetings and video shoots, as required

We aim to continue to guide current and new clients to meet new challenges and to achieve their business goals in the current uncertain environment.

These are unprecedented times. So here is a moment of comic relief which may offer you a welcome break from a chaotic uncertain world.  A wacky TV commercial for a client who requested a cut-through solution to launch their new brand. Antz Pantz is now regarded as one of the most successful and award-winning TV spots ever written. If you’d like to hear the back story about how the strategy, concept and script for Antz Pantz was formulated, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.



Howdy meets G’day

Discover the art show the New York Times calls “unmissable”.

For the first major Australian contemporary Aboriginal art exhibition in Texas, I researched and interviewed Paul R. Davis, Curator of Collections for the Menil Collection, Dr. Georges Petitjean, from the Fondation Opale in Lens, Switzerland and Sally Scales from the APY Art Centre Collective in outback Australia.  If you’re in town, run to see one of the world’s most highly prized collections. ‘Mapa Wiya’ (Your Map’s Not Needed) at the Menil in Houston. You can watch this interview on TV across the U.S. or right here.

‘Mapa Wiya’ at the Menil is a co-production of SuperMarketLove LLC and Dizzy Worldwide Corp. ©2019

Details: Mapa Wiya is the title of the works displayed, which have been sourced by the Menil’s curator, Paul R. Davis, in tandem with Dr. Georges Petitjean, from the Fondation Opale in Lens Switzerland. Art philanthropist, Bérengère Primat of the Fondation Opale, spent over a decade discovering the Australian outback and the work of its master indigenous artists including Kunmanara (Mumu Mike) Williams, Fred Grant, Jackie Kurltjunyintja Giles, Ronnie Tjampitjimpa, Rover Thomas Joolama, Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford Jawalyi, Kanpi Women’s Collaborative – Maringka Baker, Kani Tunkin, Teresa Baker, Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri, Anatjari Nº lll Tjakamarra, Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri, Lily Karedada, Tommy Mungatopi, Ignatia Djanhara, Yaritje Young, John Mawurndjul, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Wawiriya Burton and many other Australian Aboriginal peoples. Showing at the Menil until February 2, 2020.


How to get to Carnegie Hall

On set, behind the scenes – the before and after – can be just as compelling as the performance itself. For me filming live performance is exciting because you never know when a shot will reveal itself. If you enjoy shooting, it’s exhilarating to land on a hidden moment. The trick is to swoop in to capture it without hesitation. As a videographer, it’s critical to be intuitive and nimble. It’s something that can only be learned by doing. Shooting bands during live sets is something I particularly enjoy. Check out the first episode of the BAND NITE a new show I shot for Dizzy Worldwide. It’s something that can only be learned by doing. #mtvtraining #decisivemoment #howdoyougettocarnegiehall #practicepracticepractice #handheld #doco #firstunit #secondunit #moonunit #imwiththeband #holdmybeer #checkcheck12

Can a bot write an award winning ad?

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 23.49.14.png

WARNING: This is a copywriter rant. If you’re a designer or visualist, you may prefer to check out my buddy Ian Anderson’s website.

If you think copywriting is the same as writing, you’re wrong. Copywriting is all about persuasion – it provides rational reasons for emotional decisions.

Writing per se is not about persuasion. The aim of non-copywriting writing can be about many other things, but it is not to pitch a sale. This is why copywriting actually takes a long time to master.

Want to see the difference between how a human crafts words and the feeble attempt of a clunky machine? Go Talk to Transformer to check out how a modern neural network will attempt to write a paragraph or two, based on a snippet of text you provide.

Simply type a phrase or short sentence, and a neural network will guess what comes next. I entered a gorgeous classic ad headline selling an even more gorgeous mid century chair, written by legendary copywriter Julian Koenig :

If your Harvey Probber chair wobbles, straighten your floor.

And this is how the the machine-based artificial intelligence completed the text.

Buy an expensive chair and have it custom fit for you. I think we’re all pretty comfortable with chairs, right? You’re comfortable in your chair. I’m comfortable sitting on my chair, right? So let’s go ahead and make one that’s just right for you. You’ve already got the $400, so let’s buy an extra $400. Then, when it starts to feel wrong, I’ll take it back and we can spend some more money on some more expensive chairs. The thing that bothers me about this whole process is that I want this chair to fit me perfectly. I want this chair to be as comfortable as my couch. It’s like I want it to be the best couch ever. But if it doesn’t fit the way I want, then it’s going to feel like a total waste. Spend more money on a chair, then


Clearly, this AI stuff has got some work ahead of it. All you copywriters can breathe. According to these AI results, you’re going to have a job for a while yet. So sharpen your thoughts and your pencils and keep pushing for great headlines and insightful copy. What you do for a living is very special.


Below is the Julian Koenig-George Lois ad for Harvey Probber furniture, in all its glory.

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 00.03.18.png




Blooper Bust: Do you see it?

Under the category of ‘I spy with my little eye’ – – –


Spotted at the CineSpace Film Festival at Rice University last night – a major typo on the cover of the printed program guide. Thousands of copies, distributed all over town – with a honking big spelling mistake. It’s enough to drive a copywriter cuckoo.

Lesson: Always proofread the words on your layout before the artwork goes to the printer. Always. #programnotprogam

A word from our sponsor


Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 13.37.02.png

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(Photo is Copyright 1956-2019, Sutton family)

Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 13.34.19.png

Is your mouth lonely for food?

kuchisabishiiScreen Shot 2019-11-15 at 10.43.50.png

Clever wordsmiths, the Japanese. I’ve just discovered they have encapsulated the notion  of  eating out of boredom into a single word – kuchisabishii. More literally translated as ‘mouth loneliness’ for a snack or just plain old more of anything, it seems like it would work well for the annual North American engorgement celebration called Thanksgiving. 

#toomuch #isneverenough #turkeducken #marshmallowsweetpotatoes #pumpkinpiepoptarts #whynot #どうもありがとうございます




Peek-a-boo. I see you

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 08.06.42.png

One of the things I work on as part of my self-branding efforts is this blog. There are all kinds of theories about why a blog is good for business. To that end, I set up blogs for many professional entities, and ghost write their entries, each entry custom-tailored to their brand.

WordPress is as good or bad a format as any other blog. They have a freebie version with ads, and a paying version with none. Ironic, considering my entire blog is also one extended ad. I use the free version, apologizing to you, dear reader, for the times WordPress deigns to place a charming varicose vein solution banner under one of my entries. Sorrrry!

My favorite feature is the daily statistics section.  I can see how many people read each entry and how long they stay on the page. It even geolocates each reader by country. For me, it’s strangely thrilling to know people are actually reading my words worldwide. It also give me something tangible to experiment with. Which stories resonate? Which headlines gain more traction?

Above is a screengrab of typical daily stats. Hello USA. Hello Australia. Hello lone wolf in New Zealand. Hello UK – I’m 90% sure this is Jane Evans, so hello Jane!