I need a re-brand – can you do?

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Photo from Levinson website.
Does your brand need updating, a re-brand or brand evolution? SuperMarketLove’s  Mara Marich has a great deal of experience reviewing and analyzing brand advertising and content. If you require updates, refreshes or a complete brand overhaul, get in touch here. Read about the Levinson rebranding project below. It involved a new name, new brand look and feel, new website and social media, as well as print ads and collateral.
“We hired Mara to manage our 45 year old company’s rebranding initiative. She was very disciplined and insightful in understanding our history, our products and services, our customers and our intentions for the future. She was prompt, professional, and responsive at all times, even when we needed to take a few steps back before going forward. She is expert at framing messaging and in bringing into our planning people from her extensive network of designers, social media experts, etc. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the rebranding and highly recommend Mara’s services to anyone who wants to create a strong, relevant brand.”  
Dr. Gerry Kraines. Chairman/CEO, Levinson&Co. Faculty member, Harvard Medical School