Twas a good day today

Technology snafus are nothing to me. Nothing.

I had a client call today and the internet started fritzing out.

Did I have a backup plan? Yes. Two backup plans? Yes and yes.

Was the client happy at the end of the call? Yes.




Why did you name your company Super.Market.Love?

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 12.44.08

(Press shot. Mara Marich, SuperMarketLove LLC, 2018)

Hello, my name is Mara Marich and I’m the Founder of SuperMarketLove. SuperMarketLove is an internationally active, multiple award-winning creative consultancy, which focuses on brand strategy, and the development, creation and production of advertising campaigns and branded content. People often ask me how I came up with the name Super.Market.Love. Here’s the story.

Before I started my own company, I worked for other companies all over the world, writing and producing advertising campaigns and branded content. I was fortunate enough to be recognized with awards, including an Emmy nomination, thanks to Diane Disney Miller’s patronage of the American Cancer Society, the Gold Australian Writers and Art Directors Award for a TV spot called Antz Pantz, and a Cable Ace Award for  advertising for MTV in New York. Before that, I studied economics , psychology and marketing at university. But before even that, I worked at the local supermarket in my hometown as a part-time cashier. It was my first job and the money I earned helped pay my way through college. I learned a lot working those long 8 to 12 hour shifts standing at the cash register – which products people would buy, new products they would try, as well as products they would reject. Customers would talk to me and give me their honest feedback about products, brands and advertising. It was an amazing way to gather insights about the art of selling, right at the coal face. It anchored my thinking about how to engage and persuade people in a respectful way. At an early point, I came up with the words “supermarket love” to describe my passion for the creative side of commerce. Because I liked the term so much, I registered the url quite a few years ago, long before I launched SuperMarketLove in 2015. I’ve had quite a few serious offers from dotcom types who would like to buy the url, but it’s not for sale. Like other hard-working entrepreneurs, I place my efforts into nurturing my own brand. You can contact me at or just click here

For those who prefer a more precise analysis of the SuperMarketLove name, read below.

  1. It’s a name that cuts through the clutter. It’s memorable. It’s not a corporate name. It’s not a neutral name, or a non-name made up of impersonal initials. It’s a warm name with a warm tone.
  2. It’s a name that amalgamates three quite international words which are familiar to people no matter their native language, no matter where they are located in the world. This reflects SuperMarketLove’s aim to meet clients where they are, so that all the work delivered by SuperMarketLove is culturally relevant.
  3. It’s a name which embodies a philosophy that reflects the importance of Super MarketLove’s commitment to delivering superlative results.


SUPER-FRESH: Review of National Videogame Museum

You know what they say? That you have to study the past to understand the future? Knowledge is power and research is everything. Recently, I unearthed an awesome treasury that provides context for the electronic infotainment era we find ourselves swimming in today. The National Videogame Museum offers a deep dive into how the high tech age originally entered our lives – through computer games designed to be played at home. Pointing squarely at the late 20th century to discover (or rediscover, depending on your generation) the roots of our digital civilization, the painstakingly curated exhibits span the origins of coding, product hits – as well as failures – the roots of VR, and mind-blowing factoids to help visitors make sense of it all. Bonus round: once you’ve mind-melded the deep knowledge in each well-planned section, enjoy the top-rated throwback arcade game room, open for nonstop retro fun.  MM 09/18

RATING: 10/10