Women’s Work: A night in Times Square with art superstar, Barbara Kruger

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True artists see over the horizon. They sense shifts in the culture before anyone else. I guess that is why they are called the avant garde. (Google it.)

Barbara Kruger is a true artistic titan – a creative genius as well as a generous partner. It was my honor to collaborate with Barbara on 3 short videos for MTV, which caused a major ruckus because of the prescient nature of the messaging. The subject matter: domestic violence.

At a preview showing to MTV staff of the completed work, there was some initial shock, followed by a few loud deep voices complaining. Battling sundry upset MTV producers and writers who thought the work was without substance and definitely not MTV-worthy, I kept pushing for it to go through.

After an internal tug of war, followed by quite a few cold shoulders, not only did I get it on air across America, but I also managed to show it on the Times Square Jumbotron in New York. You can now view recently found footage of the night it premiered. The campaign is aptly named Women’s Work.

I’d like to add special thanks to two allies who supported the completion of this project, Abby Terkuhle, because he listened to my argument that the reason the campaign needed to air was because it was controversial and therefore, would invite much needed debate around a taboo subject, and Beau Tardy, for restoration of the vintage Times Square footage.¬†Take a look.

Interview magazine: an interview with Barbara Kruger

ps: Time has passed but I still own (and use) the hammer which destroys the clocks. It comes in handy every now and then.




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