Collaborating with Oz

A couple of shots illustrates how it’s possible – and advantageous – to collaborate across the planet. First up, a screen grab showing the discussion of a creative project over the internet, with two of my favorite colleagues, Mike and George, based in Australia. Technology allows us to work successfully across oceans and time zones, operating on 24 hour shifts, thus reducing delivery time for clients. Added bonus: While they sleep, I write. I’ll be briefed at 6pm Aussie time, write through the U.S. day and deliver completed assignments by dawn the next morning, Sydney time.

On the other hand, sometimes a team needs to be located in the same physical location to meet a deadline. That’s when I fly in to direct or produce onsite – in this case to collaborate with super TV editor, John Buck, at Velocite studio in downtown Sydney.

Smart clients take note: Flexibility is our middle name. Tight deadlines are doable. Get in touch to find out more.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 08.31.18.png

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