Fluevog!!! Gesundheit!

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I’m one of those people – those shoe people –  who believe your day starts with putting your best foot forward in shoes that reflect your mood and attitude.  The word ‘Fluevogs’, may sound a bit like a stifled sneeze, but Fluevogs are most certainly nothing of the kind. They are a philosophy, a statement of identity representing a point of view on life. John Fluevog, one of the world’s most avant garde footwear designers, has been creating dream shoes for half a century now. Apart from continually releasing ideas for tootsies that amuse and inspire, he’s now offering fans worldwide a chance to decide which of his thousands of vintage designs to bring back into production. Be prepared to spend a good 30 minutes of your life in shoe heaven while you exercise your right to vote for thrilling throwbacks. Check out this brilliant, strategic marketing concept. 




It is a special feeling to enter someone’s home and see your art hanging on the wall. I made this collage called GARDEZ in 2014 and just rediscovered it in a beautiful beach house in Mississippi.Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 07.54.33.png

Behind the scenes: Inspired

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Houston’s Museum of Fine Art is currently showing works by the amazing Ukranian-American sculptor, Louise Nevelson. A lateral thinker par excellence, she sourced wooden detritus to create multidimensional towers. When her Kipps Bay block in New York was being demolished, Nevelson rummaged through the trash to find elements to incorporate into her work. Chair legs, bannister spindles and small pulleys are amalgamated into the piece pictured above –  proving it’s possible to draw inspiration from many – sometimes unlikely – sources. I’ve been a fan for many years. As you can see from the shot, I’m royally chuffed to be in the presence of this masterful piece.

Write on cue: Saturday Night Live’s cue cards

The creative process in the entertainment business is more hands-on than you might think. This short video about the people who write the cue cards for Saturday Night Live every week illustrates the teamwork involved in getting a live show to air.  Writing can be extremely physical work. Watch as magic is constructed at lightning speed right before your very eyes. (This video also might explain why I cannot work at my desk in long sleeves or wearing a watch. Extraneous items on your arms and hands get in the way when you put down your thoughts, whether you’re working on paper or a laptop.)


Stickers in Space

Behold the nexus of great design, sticker culture and customization. Check out this recently unearthed NASA astronaut lunchbox which went into space. Currently on display at the University of Houston library.Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 11.53.24.png

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Word of the Day

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 13.21.55.pnggobbledygook (n.)

also gobbledegook, “the overinvolved, pompous talk of officialdom”, or “language that is meaningless or is made unintelligible by excessive use of abstruse technical terms”, or plain and simple, “nonsense”.Dating from 1944, the word was first used by Texas politician Maury Maverick (1895-1954), chairman of U.S. Smaller War Plants Corporation during World War II, in a memo dated March 30, 1944, banning “gobbledygook language”. Maverick said he made up the word in imitation of turkey noise. 

Seeking a SuperWordsmith?

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